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  FIP Thematic Philately Commission   ECTP 2017 - European Championship for Thematic Philately  
  BELGICA 2006 - Thematic philately   Jonas HÄLLSTRÖM - The 4th generation of thematic philately exhibits  
  Dan N. DOBRESCU - The handbook of the thematic exhibitor   Dan N. DOBRESCU - How to draw up a thematic philately exhibit?  
  Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit of the American Topical Association   Carlos Dalmiro Silva SOARES - Thematic philately site  
  Dan ANGHELESCU - The atom in Romanian philately - catalog 1947 - 1998   Bibligraphy - thematic philately  
  Giancarlo MOROLLI and Damian LÄGE - Aspects of the evaluation of thematic exhibits   Thematic seminar in Bucharest  
  Joachim MASS - The new thematic SREV: Innovation   Bellville Philatelic Society  
  Victor NECOLAU - Beethoven, the miracle of music   SCI Philately - A selective history of science on stamps  
  Viorica HRUSTOVICI - Emanciparea femeii   TCNews  
  Adrian POPOVICI - Doctor coins site   Waterfall stamps