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* SALYUT 6 (silver medal at FIP exhibition) - AS
* Cosmic mail on board of SALYUT 6, one frame - AS
* Cachets DAGUIN en Roumanie - LT
* The handbook of the thematic exhibitor - LT
* Contributions to the evocation of some events 1985-2008 - LT
* Computer stamps catalog - LT
*SALYUT 6 orbital complex-astrophilatelic catalog (large silver medal at FIP exhibition)-LT
* journal (publisher - Dan N. DOBRESCU, chief editor - Laszlo KALLAI) - LT
* Personal web site (large silver medal at FIP exhibition) - LT
Published over 400 philatelic studies, papers and notes
Designed over 180 cancellations dedicated commemorations of some important events
from the history of the Romanian science and techniques.
Designed 48 postal stationeries
National jury member - thematic philately (1988)
He was the initiator and organized multiple philatelic exhibitions like:
For IPA Philatelic Club (1985-1989) - "Science and technique for progress and peace"
National philatelic exhibitions:
LILIPUT 2005 ("one frame" and "one piece" classes)
- for BARICADA Philatelic Club (1990-2006)
He exhibited in: personal philatelic exhibitions
Papers Books
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Blazon of family name DOBRESCU