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  FIP Astrophilately Commission   An illustrated seminar on the Guidelines for Judging and Exhibiting Astrophilately Exhibits (edition 2008)  
  Beatrice Bachmann - From the beginning of space exploration to space mail   ISS - International Space Station comes together  
  Dumitru - Dorin PRUNARIU site   D. D. PRUNARIU - 40 years of the first man on the Moon  
  Ray CARTIER - How we got men to the Moon   Aurora-Vasilica DOBRESCU - The manned moon flights  
  Dana-Ileana URSEA - Space robotics   Ion-Radu DOBRESCU - Start April 12, 1961 06:07 GMT  
  Dan N. DOBRESCU - From Hermann OBERTH theory's to practice   Collect Space - the source for space history  
  Dan N. DOBRESCU-SALYUT 6 orbital complex (catalog)   Dan N. DOBRESCU - Cosmic mail on board SALYUT 6  
  Dan GRECU - The first Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru PRUNARIU on SOYUZ 40   Nicoleta DIACONU - First space premiers  
  Coriolan CHIRICHES - First generation of American space shuttles   Dan N. DOBRESCU - Astrophilately, whither ? (interview with the chairman of FIP Section for Astrophilately)