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  International awards:
  • Silver with Gold Space Unit Award: NTSS-05
  •   National awards:
  • Hors Concourse: LILIPUT 2005
  • Gold: BUCURESTI 2004
  • Silver: AEROMFILA 2006
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    6.1.Dumitru Dorin PRUNARIU, Romanian Pilot Cosmonaut
    6.2.The space flight begins on the Earth
    6.3.Carrying rocket and spacecraft SOYUZ
    6.4.Orbital station SALYUT 6
    6.5.INTERKOSMOS program
    6.6.Flight Tracking Center
    6.7.Cosmic mail board
    6.8.SOYUZ 40 - joint space flight Soviet - Romanian
    6.9.Arch on time
    6.10.Spaced out challenge
    6.11.Phase space game
    6.12.Space trak

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