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  International awards:
  • Large Vermeil: ESPANA 2004, WARSHAWA 2000
  • Vermeil: AMPHILEX 2002
  •   National awards:
  • Vermeil: EFIRO '98
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    1.Essays at opening lithographed classical Romanian stamps
    2.CUZA, non-issued
    3.Prince Alexandru Ioan CUZA, effigy in oval
    4.CAROL with whiskers, in circle
    5.CAROL with whiskers, in medallion
    6.CAROL with whiskers, in oval
    7.CAROL with whiskers, in medallion - 3 BANI / Newspaper wrappers
    8.CAROL with beard - the effigy in oval (imperforated)
    9.CAROL with beard (perforated)
    10.CAROL with beard - the effigy in oval (defective printing)
    11.Military leaders
    12.Loans for military
    13.Careers for leaders
    14.Military families

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